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Everything I did wrong as a professor

I really screwed things up as a young faculty member at Harvard. It worked out OK in the end, but, man, I wish I could go back in time to when I was a new professor and give my younger self some much-needed advice. No, not the "you shouldn't be a professor, get another kind of job" advice -- I wouldn't have listened to that -- but one of the reasons I ended up leaving academia is that I burned myself out. Maybe that could have been avoided had I taken a different approach to the job.

What did I get wrong? Let me count the ways...

Working on too many projects at once. I thrive on having many balls in the air. As a junior faculty member, though, I probably should have stayed focused on just one or two juicy projects, and let all the others fall to the side. I did not have a good filter for thinking about which projects I should take on and where they might lead. It was difficult to say no to any new research direction, since for all I knew it might lead somewhere great…