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Academics, we need to talk.

Although I made the move to industry a bit more than five years ago, I still serve on program committees and review articles for journals and the like. So it's painful for me to see some of my academic colleagues totally botch it when it comes to doing industry-relevant research. Profs, grad students: we need to talk.

(Standard disclaimer: This is my personal blog and the opinions expressed here are mine alone, and most certainly not that of my employer.)

Of course, many academics do a great job of visionary, out-of-the-box, push-the-envelope research that inspires and drives work in industry. I'm talking about stuff like Shwetak Patel's increasingly insane ways of inferring activities from random signals in the environment; Dina Katabi's rethinking of wireless protocols; and pretty much anything that David Patterson has ever done. Those folks (and many others) are doing fine. Keep it up.

But the vast majority of papers and proposals I read are, well, crap. Mostly I…