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Looking back on 1 million pageviews

This blog just hit one million pageviews:

Seems like a pretty cool milestone to me. I never imagined I'd get so much traffic.

Just for fun, here are the top five most popular posts on this blog so far:

Why I'm Leaving Harvard (99263 pageviews), in which I announce my departure from Harvard to Google. I guess this post became a kind of touchstone for a bunch of people considering an academic career, or those who also made the decision to leave academia. I'm often asked whether I still think I made the right decision after nearly 3 years at Google. The answer is a resounding yes: I'm extremely happy and my team is doing amazing things - some of which you can read about here.

So, you want to go to grad school? (43314 pageviews), in which I try to give an honest assessment of why someone should (or should not) do a PhD in Computer Science. The main thing I try to dispel is this myth that you should "take a year off" and work in industry before going to grad school…

Moving my life to the cloud

I'm in the process of moving my (computing) life entirely to the cloud -- no more laptop: just a phone, tablet (which I use rarely) and a Chromebook Pixel. My three-year-old MacBook Pro is about to croak, and it seems like now is the time to migrate everything to the cloud, so I can free myself from having to maintain a bunch of files, music, photos, applications, and backups locally. I'd really like to be in a place where I could throw my laptop out a moving vehicle and not care a bit about what happens to my data. Still, there are some challenges ahead.

The Chromebook Pixel itself is a sweet piece of kit. The keyboard and trackpad are nearly as good as my Mac, and the screen resolution is simply unreal: you CANNOT see the pixels (ironic choice of product name; as if the next version of a Mac would be the "MacBook Virus"). It boots in 10 seconds. Hell, the other day I did a complete OS upgrade (switching from the beta to the dev channel), which took no more than 10…