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The New vs. the Good

I have wondered for a while whether the computer science community should not place more value on journal articles, rather than conference papers. Journal articles are not just longer versions of conference papers that take much more time to review -- they are meant to represent a capstone on a large piece of work, which is something we often overlook in our field.

Much systems research is driven by a rapid cycle of develop, evaluate, publish (and not always in that order). With a couple of major conference venues every year, and the need to build a strong publication record as a major determinant of one's (perceived) success in the field, there is a high incentive to push out new papers as quickly as possible, irrespective of how half-baked the content might be. Many conference papers do little more than scratch the surface of an idea -- it is hard to do more in only 14 pages. The expected longevity of a paper (even a good one at a top conference) is little more than a year, two t…