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Sensys 2009 PC meeting

The Sensys'09 PC meeting was held here at Harvard a couple of Saturdays ago. I meant to post about this earlier, but a little something got in the way.

This year we had 119 full paper submissions (down a bit from last year) and accepted 21 papers, for an acceptance ratio of 17.6%. This is similar to the acceptance ratio for previous years, and I think it represents a healthy level of competition for the conference. Personally, I would have preferred that we accepted closer to 25 papers, but at some point there's only so much pressure one can put on the program committee to make that happen. The full list of accepted papers is here. It is a very strong program and Jie and I are both extremely appreciative of the program committee for all of their hard work.

Overall, I was very happy with the reviewing process this year. The model we used for Sensys was similar to other top-flight systems conferences: PC members do the reviewing themselves (rather than farming out to external peop…

Going Green with Electronic Proceedings

We're looking into the options for publishing the proceedings for SenSys 2009 (which I'm co-chairing with Jie Liu). Sensys is an ACM conference and traditionally has had a printed proceedings. I'm interested in what people think about an all-electronic (that is, online) proceedings, with no printed copies or CD-ROMs. The idea would be to put the PDFs on the conference website and ensure that they are archived by the ACM Digital Library. (Assuming, of course, that ACM would allow this -- I haven't looked into their policies.)

SenSys is an ACM conference, and has traditionally had printed proceedings. As anyone who has been a conference organizer knows, this can often be a cumbersome and slow process, requiring many weeks of lead time from the publisher, and quite a lot of work on the part of the authors and the publications chair. This also shortens the time available for paper shepherding. Going the traditional route also incurs a nontrivial cost which is passed down to…