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Day in the Life of a Googler

I was thinking recently about how different my workdays are now that I'm at Google, compared to the faculty job at Harvard. The biggest difference is that I spent nearly 90% (or more) of my time writing code, compared to Harvard where I was lucky if I got half an hour a week to do any programming. I also spend a lot less time at Google procrastinating and reading a zillion stupid websites -- mostly because I'm enjoying the work a lot more.

Here's a short rundown of my typical day at Google:
6:30am - Wake up, get son up, shower, breakfast, take dog to the park.8:30am - Leave for work (I take the subway most days).9:00am - Arrive at work. Type passwords into half a dozen different windows to get my work environment back to a sane state. Check email. Check on status of my several jobs running in various datacenters. Page in work from day before.9:30am-10:15am - Work on code to add requested feature to the system I'm working on. Debug it until it's working, write a unit…