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Do we need to reboot the CS publications process?

My friend and colleague Dan Wallach has an interesting piece in this month's Communications of the ACM on Rebooting the CS Publication Process. This is a topic I've spent a lot of time thinking about (and ranting about) the last few years and thought I should weigh in. The TL;DR for Dan's proposal is something like arXiv for CS -- all papers (published or not) are sent to a centralized CSPub repository, where they can be commented on, cited, and reviewed. Submissions to conferences would simply be tagged as such in the CSPub archive, and "journals" would simply consist of tagged collections of papers.

I really like the idea of leveraging Web 2.0 technology to fix the (broken) publication process for CS papers. It seems insane to me that the CS community relies on 18th-century mechanisms for peer review, that clearly do not scale, prevent good work from being seen by larger audiences, and create more work for program chairs having to deal with deadlines, running a…

Programming != Computer Science

I recently read this very interesting article on ways to "level up" as a software developer. Reading this article brought home something that has been nagging me for a while since joining Google: that there is a huge skill and cultural gap between "developers" and "Computer Scientists." Jason's advice to leveling-up in the aforementioned article is very practical: write code in assembly, write a mobile app, complete the exercises in SICP, that sort of thing. This is good advice, but certainly not all that I would want people on my team spending their time doing in order to be true technical leaders. Whether you can sling JavaScript all day or know the ins and outs of C++ templates often has little bearing on whether you're able to grasp the bigger, more abstract, less well-defined problems and be able to make headway on them.

For that you need a very different set of skills, which is where I start to draw the line between a Computer Scientist and …